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High-Durable Engine Cleaning Chemicals

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Machine Cleaning Product

Clean your heavy-duty equipment efficiently with our effective machine cleaners. Our cleaners are ideal for grease removal and the cleaning of cast iron, steel, and aluminum.

Home Cleaning Product

Maintain the exterior and interior of your home with our home cleaning product. INTERCHEM in Memphis, Tennessee, solutions fights grease, dirt, and grime buildup.

Coolant & Oil

Have your engine running at full-optimization with our engine coolants and oil. Our trusted product, Engine Honing Oil 645, is used in well-known shops across the country.

Who We Are

INTERCHEM in Memphis, Tennessee, offers high-quality engine cleaning chemicals, coolants, and oils. Since our establishment 35 years ago, we have manufactured products specifically for the industries of: automotives, marine, motorcycles, heavy diesel engine rebuilding shops, machine shops, metal fabricators, and heavy equipment operations. 

Our products are very industry-driven and designed specifically to maximize performance. Our employees are knowledgeable about the machinery our cleaning solutions are being used for to ensure that our brand is the only solution that you will ever have to use.  

Contact us in Memphis, Tennessee, to clean the tough stuff with our cleaning products.