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Effective Machine Cleaners for Grease Removal

INTERCHEM in Memphis, Tennessee, offers machine cleaners to efficiently clean cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Our cleaners are available in powder or liquid bases, and foaming or non-foaming consistencies.   


Our chemical cleaners are designed to cut through tough grime, dust, and dirt. We offer jet-spray cabinet cleaner, hot tank cleaner, and cleaning products for cast iron, steel, and aluminum applications. 

1085 Non-Hazardous, All-Metal Cleaner

Clean light-carbon and greasy-carbon residues from any metal. This powdered alkaline compound is non-hazardous in storage or use, in accordance with DOT and RCRA specifications. It is a superior degreaser and cleaner for cast iron, steel, and aluminum.

It can be used in jet spray cabinets and highly agitated hot tanks at four-to-eight ounces per gallon. Operating temperatures range form 140-170 degrees.

1195 Cleaner

This cleaner is designed for aluminum and cast iron machinery.
Directions: Add 1195 powder to water in jet-spray cabinets at a ratio of 4-8 ounces of powder to 1 gallon of water. Spread while adding rather than pouring. To best keep the solution, it is recommended that operating temperature is at 160 to 180 degrees.

1425 Cleaner

This is a heavy-duty product designed for cast iron and steel cleaning only.
Directions: Add product directly to tank reservoir using a spreading motion rather than a pour at a ratio of 8-12 ounces (by weight) per gallon of water. The recommended operating temperature is 170 to 190 degrees. For best results to keep moisture out of the drum or container, tightly screw-on the lid to reduce the risk of product caking.

Industrial Kitchen - Machine Cleaners
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