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Efficient Engine Coolants

Optimize your engine capacity with our engine oil and coolants. INTERCHEM in Memphis, Tennessee, offers high-quality products that are used by many of the well-known shops in the country.

Grinding Coolant 726

Our new biodegradable lubricant and coolant is formulated for use in machine grinding operations. 726 is formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear properties while providing lubricity and superior rust inhibition. Transparency of the product allows for the operator to better see the work and increase efficiency.

Directions: 726 is a concentrate diluted with water. For normal machine use for crankshaft grinders, surface grinders, flywheel grinders, camshaft and head surfacing, dilute using 30 parts water to 1 part solution. To ensure maximum performance during warm weather, the dilution ratio should not exceed a a ratio of 30:1.

Engine Honing Oil 645

The famous INTERCHEM 645 honing oil is used by many large shops in the country. This oil is used in honing and machining operations including cylinder honing for automatic and semi-automatic machines. 

Directions: Oil is to be used as-is and not be diluted.

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Super Lube 631

This rust-preventing lubricant is one of our most popular and outstanding products. It provides lubrication, rust and corrosion prevention, and super penetration. Super Lube leaves a thin, transparent, non-greasy film that dries to the touch so removal is not necessary.

This product provides perfect long-term protection for inside storage. Use on parts before packaging for shipment. It is designed to displace water from machined surfaces and rough castings. The superior penetrating action frees rusted parts and studs and provides rust protection from the inside out.

Engine Oils

In addition to our ever-popular engine honing oil 645, we also carry the following oils:

• 625 Valve Grinding Oil • 631 Super Lube • 640 Way Oil • 720 Soluble Oil Concentrate

Performance Warranty

Every INTERCHEM formulation is continually reviewed and adjusted for peak performance in specific applications. Consideration is given to all types of delivery systems and the equipment of all major manufacturers. All INTERCHEM products are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Contact us to ensure your engine is working at maximum capacity with our renowned oil.